Abstract Submission

Abstract / Proposal Submission

(on or before)
30 September 2018 (Sunday)
12 October 2018 (Friday)

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Individual Papers
Panel Discussions

Secretariat Office: celaoconference2018@gmail.com

Submission Guidelines:

1.      Individual Papers
Participants are invited to submit their abstracts of no more than 300 words, preferably in English, for their individual papers (a maximum of 2) that are related to the General Theme/Pillars and the objectives of the conference as per the submission guidelines below:

§  Submit your abstract(s) using the Paper Abstract Form attached with the circular.
§  Save the Paper Abstract Form under the name(s) of the author(s).
§  Email the form to the Secretariat Office on or before the 30 September 2018.
§  Once your abstract has been reviewed, you will be notified of the acceptance of your abstract.

Presentation Format:
Each presenter will be allocated a time slot of 20 minutes for paper presentation and followed by a 5 to 10 minute Question-and-Answer session. 

2.      Panel Discussion
To encourage collaboration and topical coherence within the field of interest, Panel Proposals on any topic relevant to the General Theme/Pillars or the objectives of the Conference should be submitted on or before the submission deadline as per the submission guidelines below:

§ Panels are collections of 3-4 individual paper presentations that relate to a narrowly defined topic of interest.
§ Panel Proposals should consist of (a) brief outline (max. 300 words) of the theme and purpose of the Panel, (b) identification of the Panel Chair and Presenters in the Panel, and (c) abstracts of papers of the panelists (max. 200 words for each panelist).
§ Participants may put up more than one panel, but to avoid overlapping, they should not present subjects of the same theme.
§ Fill out and email the Panel Proposal Form attached with the circular to the Secretariat Office on or before the 30 September 2018.
§ A list of accepted Panels will be announced on the 12 October 2018 on the website and by email circular to the participants.

Panel Presentation and Discussion Format:
Each panel may have three to four speakers for presentations. The total time given to each panel is 90 minutes.

The Chair of a Panel is the person responsible for ensuring the cooperation and attendance of all the participants of his/her Panel and for deciding on the internal structure of the Panel.