Conference Location - Macau

General Information:
Macau or the Macao Special Administrative Region of China is a highly autonomous city located on the western side of the Pearl River Delta bordering the Guangdong Province and is about 60km from Hong Kong. Macau consists of the Macau peninsula, the Taipa Island and the Coloane Island.

As per the results of the Census 2016, the population of Macau is about 650,834. Tourism and Gaming are the two main economic pillars of Macau. In 2017, the total visitors to Macao was about 32,610,506. 

In 2005, the "Historic Centre of Macao" was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a result of its unique historical and cultural landscape. In November 2017, Macau was officially designated a member of the "UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of Gastronomy".

650,834 (Chinese 88.4%, Portuguese 1.4%, Filipino 4.6% 
and Others 5.6%)
Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages.
80.1% of population speaks Cantonese (Chinese dialect).
Mandarin, Portuguese and English are also widely used.
1 US Dollar = approx. 8.00MOP (Macanese Patacas)
1 Euro = approx. 10.00MOP (Macanese Patacas)
1 AUD = approx. 6.23MOP (Macanese Patacas)
1 Hong Kong Dollar = 1.03MOP (Macanese Patacas)
Sub-tropical with high humidity in Spring and Summer
Time Zone:
GMT/UTC+8 (No Daylight Saving Time)
Telephone code:
+ 853